Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Too much cake?

I truly believe I am in the right place doing the right thing.

I just also believe that I need to be doing some more as well, some more that is about me and just me.

I believe this is necessary for two reasons, one, so that I don't end up carrying resentment about having to be doing all this, and two, because things rarely fall from the sky and just land in your lap.

Not in my world anyway.

My intuition is yelling at me about this.

Mind you I'm not all that sure I trust my gut very much these days, it seems to be leading me all over the shop at times.

It will all come together one of these days but there are steps that I have to take with my own two feet to bring it about.

Can't make a cake without buying the eggs and beating the mixture first.

Trouble with me is I like to make, bake, have and eat my cake all at once :)



Natalie said...

All sounds accurate. :D
That picture is lovely.Nighty,night.xx

christopher said...

Those are wonderful dragonflies, m'dear. :)

This is it, you know. You are trudging the road of (not to) happy destiny.

Renee said...

It will not fall into your lap, that you can count on.


Bogey said...

Sometimes, we waste so much time looking for that which appears to be elusive, only to find it was at our fingertips all along. Don't forget the icing!