Friday, November 06, 2009

Hands up ...again

Okay universe...

I've said what I needed to say...

I've done and am doing what I need to do...

This wish I wish
it is always
my undoing
I will do me back up
and wait

to come undone

So be it.


Renee said...

You are not going to come undone, just be patient darling.


Bogey said...

Yes, you have done and are doing what you can leave the rest up to your Higher Power. It should no longer be in your hands.

So what kind of Fishing Rod are you going to buy?

linda said...

ok darlin', here's the card I pulled for you:

Know that healing sometimes depends on the strength, willingness and ability to change direction. Many people postpone doing so due to fear or laziness[don't think you're lazy!], and then they wonder why they're not happy and healthy.
Your goal: to make one solid, effective healing choice by the end of the day that can positively change the direction of your life.
Period. End of transmission...