Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some kind of crazy......

Artwork by my daughter cool is it!

Time to get really honest with myself here, and because it is here, then you too get to bask in my crap......sorry!

I have been a frantic scrabbling fool

For the last 6 months, not just the last few weeks

I am looking at myself with the blinkers off today and seeing my nuts-ness for it's real and inglorious ummm, realness :)

Aside from being rather totally embarrassing it's also a bit funny......

Some people got hurt in there, me included, so I am entitled to laugh a little

I am not responsible for anyone elses expectations or pain, no other consenting adult's anyway

But really!

What on earth was I thinking?

Obviously not much that was coherent in a real world type of way

Well, not ALL the time no, but a lot of it......


Here's hoping I can move into this next bit of future with a little more dignity and self control.

*Covers face and shakes head slowly......*

Thank goodness it was mostly in my head!!!

Oh, yes, thank god for that!


smiles4u said...

And thank goodness you are able to laugh at yourself! Sometimes we just gotta laugh or we would go nuts!

Renee said...

You are brilliant and will achieve everything you set out too.

Now Ms. Shelli, oh my God, that is fantastic. Absolutely stunning. I see you have a protegee.


Liz said...

My goodness -- Shelli's artwork is amazing! Wow! She definitly is your daughter :)

I love that you wrote "Thank goodness it was mostly in my head!"

I think that pretty much sums me up too :)

Bogey said...

Are you sure it was better locked in your head or do you think it was wiser for you to purge it out here? Just askin'.

And yes, your daughters work above is fantastic! I can see the apple did not fall too far away from the tree! Both in the same how cool is that!

Lisa said...

raging nympho..........

Michelle said...

SNORT! LisA, I have published that so everyone can see how mean your are!
Raging nympho my big fat I wish arse!



Sarah Lulu said...

Could you please tell Shelli I love her painting. Thanks.

christopher said...


don't stop the process darlin'
first there is a mountain
then there is no mountain
then there is
and you m'dear, it was out there
then in here
then out there after all
only much much more compassion

cupcake...nympho, huh.
let's hear it for passion.

Michelle said...