Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday is.........the day before Sunday :D


A new day....

I am liking the treadmill and that dancing around really fast like a nut job is good for me.

I am not loving stomach crunches and am wondering if it REALLY hurts should I be doing it?

"Ohhhhhh, can you meet me half way, meet me half way...."

Am also loving that song right now.

I can do half way!


Sarah Lulu said...

Hello Michelle.

I really admire your willingness to be so authentic with your neediness.

I have given you an award today on my blog. xxx

Cyndy said...

You've just got to love those Black Eyed Peas..... so versatile!

As are you Arty Farty. No one could ever accuse you of pidgeon-holing yourself, could they? lol

Loving you xoxoxo