Sunday, November 29, 2009

November evening.........

I have run around like the proverbial blued arsed fly all day......


I have had morning coffee at the beach and watched the dust storm blow in

I have done yet another meeting,

I have had a reading...hmmmm

I have been and cooked dinner and fed the hoards, mum even ate it!

Walked the hound down by the water and sang a song or two

I have driven back into town tonight to pick up a sleepless and spewing daughter

I am very very tired of running now, I think I found what I needed.....

she was just me all along

It turned out to be a not so bad day after all......

What a wild month it has been, do you think it will stop now?

Thank you for reading and for caring


christopher said...

I Wish I Was

If I was really the guy
I would unravel
the tied skeins of you
so you could sweep back
freely in the winds of change
and not try to stop
it all in pockets
you fashion of your knotted
self. I would comb you.

Michelle said...

*claps hands in delight*

Jen said...

I care too xoxo

Would be good to meet for coffee soon.

Thank you