Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten things.....pass it on!

Ten things I am truly grateful for today?

  1. Me....my core strength and my willingness to be wrong in trying to get it right :D
  2. My treadmill.....and elastic torture things.....I feel GOOD and can see a difference now. Persistance pays off, TRUTH!
  3. Not smoking for 15 weeks now.....I can do half an hours reasonably sweaty exercise with out stopping, and actually breath the whole way through it...unheard of for me before now! I'm upping it daily......Then I can keep dancing around my house for another hour......I am loving this!
  4. You, yep, you
  5. Meetings
  6. Sunshine and sun burn and the ocean. I dunno why getting sunburned makes me feel good but it does
  7. Music....oh yes, very grateful for music right now
  8. My Higher Power...I am so very grateful that I have one, or two, or ten :D
  9. Awareness......without this I would be a dead duck.
  10. Time out from my mother this week to sort my head out. Thank god for that.

Tonight I get to draw naked people!

I hope it's a lady with a great arse and not a big fat guy!

I am a little bit excited about that.

I am a little bit excited in general right now.......

My son found me dancing around the kitchen this morning while I was cooking tonights dinner and having just kicked arse on the treadmill and torture devices just before getting ready for work and putting food in his belly.......he thought I was funny.

I think I am fucking great!


He doesn't realise that he made me like this......

Ten things people......make your list!


Myst_72 said...

I think you are great too :)


Bogey said...

I think you should print this post and stick it on your fridge. Keep it as a reminder to yourself that with hard work and sacrifice comes great results. ;)

Cyndy said...

"Larger" people have many interesting features: texture, light/shade, solidity, improved 3-dimensionality (it is so a word),curves and arcs rather than flat, boring planes.....

Sarah Lulu said...

I also think you are great.

Happy naked people drawing. xx

nollyposh said...


Daria said...

15 weeks ... you go girl!