Sunday, November 15, 2009

The day after yesterday.....

I had a really nice day today :)

Drove myself up to Jimmy's Beach and it is really lovely out there

Had a swim or two and got a little bit fried

(with plenty of sunscreen...I'm still peeling from last weeks idiocy!)

Went for a long walk......

Listened to my I-pod....

Booked me in to a grotty little cabin for four days, possibly seven, starting the 4th of December....which is the only time I can get away really as that's when Tahni can come up.

I forgot we were minding my nephew for two weeks soon! Who's idea was that again? Why does my sister get all the holidays and I do all the work?

Well, I guess I've had some time out this last week or so, but it hasn't exactly been a fun fest now has it :D

Oh well, I am okay now.....sad about some stuff yeah, but okay

I can do this stuff, I just needed to remember!

To remember that I can actually do anything I set my mind and heart to.

Including get through this.

I also bumped into my ex last night...that was interesting.
It was good to know that I don't need to go back there and can still be pleased to see him and say hello without being angry or resentful or any of that crap......he did want to take me home though.. ........BIG GIANT SNORTY SNORT!

I was talking to someone tonight about the past and it brought home to me how very very far I have come in the last few years. I needed to remember that too, because I was starting to think I was right back where I started some moments there this week.

I am grateful for this day......I needed it

My gut doesn't hurt anymore......

My heart aches though

Some people are really hard to let go of....

Especially when I don't want to...

and I don't understand why

Guess I don't have to

Damn that



Barry said...

Relieved you are feeling better.

December is not all that far away.

Stay strong.

Renee said...

You are going to be okay Michelle.

The painting is magnificent just like the painter.

Love Renee xoxo

Lisa said...

letting go is not a problem when you realise they were never there anyway ( except in your dreams) xx

Michelle said...

Actually Lisa, not it isn't. It's still hard. Dreams keep you going sometimes :)

Daria said...

You keep talking about walks at the beach or by the water ... I'm a tiny bit jealous.

Another gorgeous painting.