Thursday, November 26, 2009

Was it just us??

seeking oblivion
so obvious now
I run to you from there
my legs go fast, over and over
and here you still are
not there at all
seeking oblivion


A whole lifetime spent

living an idea of you

your god, your idea of me

and what do I find here

you are me I you

how does this happen you say?

we could ask each other

about seeking oblivion answer?

oh, my father, I have drowned in there before

there are no answers in that spirit

only infinite questions

wrapped, not so prettily, in oblivion

and still the empty remains

I called out to your god-sky and I heard my echo

why why why

It seems to me that the answer may lay just inside my heart

my heart that first broke when you were lost,

all that time ago,

I could never find you again, even

when you were standing right there

screaming "I love you" into my vacant face,

back when I had my blind eyes on

back when I lived in the void,

there were no questions there

and still there was no peace

she was but a catalyst you know,

though a heart breaker to be sure,

for things that needed to be said and done

all the damn band aids in the world wont fix it now

do you remember when we swam in the rain

and it made such perfect sense?


Natalie said...

It will again.Soon.

Chrisy said...

oh are on fire girl...this is magnificent...truly it is...

smiles4u said...

Wow! I love your words and ways of expression. Thank you.

Renee said...

Michelle you are going through much pain.

There are many who love you.

Love Renee xoo

Bogey said...

"oh, my father, I have drowned in there before
there are no answers in that spirit"

Truer words were never spoken! Very lovely words Michelle.

christopher said...

Wow, my friend.

The questions become the answers, of course.

I love you.