Sunday, October 08, 2006


Its been a quiet day.
I have spent half of it putting my little website together. I think it looks pretty good for a computer illiterate such as myself. I have been having it come up in my 'thoughts' for weeks now so I finally got to it.
I think all you people should definitely link me up to your respective sites. I did you......
The other half of the day found me painting and staring out the window, at the wall, at the ceiling, at my is funny.
I have a new guide, Kunaami, and Aineha is my wise woman who has been waiting for me to be 'ready' forever. I think she is another aspect of me actually. She usually decides to walk right through me when I am standing at the kitchen sink. It doesn't matter which kitchen sink either. It must be the water or something. My old guides have gone, or I have moved up and 'joined' them or whatever, they aren't there anymore. I don't know who Kunaami is, just that he is there.
My darlin' has spent the last two days pottering around ecstatically in his garage, playing with his clay and building a new raku kiln. We fired the old one that someone gave him last night for the first time! He was so excited.....too cute. It'll be great when he gets the other one done, he will be able to use it for all sorts of firings then. Anyone who wants a special ceramic piece made should put their order in now for xmas! He is a very talented potter and does wonderful things with glazes! I love it when he's happy like that...he's all shiny.
He made the pieces pictured here.

Im putting it out there that we make drums!
Beautiful native american style medicine drums.
Our prices are very reasonable at $160 for a plain drum, with a bag and a beater and $190 and up for a hand painted custom design, also with a bag and a beater.
We also hold one day workshops for people wanting to make their own drums for $180.
If you shop around you will see that the prices are excellent.

Some pics!!

I also do Spirit Guide Drawings and other guided art.

Have a look at my website and see....

Enough of the flogging of self now.
I hope everyone has had a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Those pots and drums are amazing. Your website's looking good too. I've put a link to it on my blog and my symbols site. Well done...

Anonymous said...

the website looks fantastic & I will put it out there big time- beautiful ! wonderful - so glad that the boy is shiny with you, miss you, wish i were as talented as you........Maryaihnabeth x

Anchell said...

Thanks ladies.
I love you too ms mary
and you ARE..