Tuesday, October 03, 2006

on my mind today

  • sending love and healing and rays of light to the Amish....
  • the quietness of my kids today after reading about that terrible thing on msn
  • working out what to do for my workshop. Wondering if $40 is too much and then realizing that I am providing everything including stuff to take home and work with and paying for the space. No, its not too much....
  • wondering who Ahnaya/Anaya/Anayha is...
  • finishing my painting
  • feeling peace at odd moments
  • remembering to 'shine' before going shopping and coming home not exhausted for a change
  • Robert and grief
  • wondering what could be higher than Sananda and Mary
  • the fact that archangels have twin flames too
  • the power of prayer
  • not being in the body
  • love, what is it in its entirety
  • healing, why Im feeling drawn to it now when Ive had reiki for 2 years, whats different?
  • the message that flew out of my fingers for Rylah
  • Rylah and her courage at such a young age
  • Kathleen and her trip to the doctors, synchronicity and faith
  • My mary......how is she
  • the Catholic Scientist Virgin daughter and her phenomenal brain
  • colour and healing
  • symbols and healing
  • will
  • integrity

and other such stuff


Elizabeth said...

The name is aineha & she is you I think........

Me x
and Im not too great today.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are getting your set of healing symbols to be used with the reiki, like me...

Cyndy said...

The Catholic Scientist Virgin daughter inherited her brains from her mother..C;)xoxo

Anchell said...

I dont think so, she is so #@%$ing LOGICAL

Cyndy said...

It's not mutually exclusive, you know....a lot of exceptionally brilliant people that I ahve met don't have a shred of common sense or logic.;)xo