Friday, October 13, 2006

40 reasons why I blog.....

  1. It beats doing housework
  2. It helps me to ignore the children
  3. It gives me something better to do than the 20 far less interesting things that I could be doing
  4. It lets me speak my mind
  5. It doesn't answer back - much
  6. It keeps me in touch with MY reality
  7. I can complain about anything and it lets me
  8. It makes me think
  9. My ego likes the attention
  10. ...and so does my heart
  11. It lets me know I'm not alone
  12. It keeps MY Josh off the computer
  13. ...and my Kayla
  14. .......and my Shelli baby
  15. It gives me something to argue with the children about that I can actually win...."Its MY computer, I paid for it and the broadband and its MY turn, now get ORF".
  16. The Mary's
  17. My Mary
  18. It gets me used to putting me out there
  19. It accepts me for just who I am
  20. It stops me from living in my head
  21. It lets me know that there are other 'weirdo's' out there too
  22. It lets my kids know that too
  23. It makes me laugh
  24. I LIKE it
  25. It doesn't run to a timetable
  26. It keeps me connected with MY reality
  27. I get to show my art work and nobody can stop me, like it or not!!!!
  28. Its good for me and tastes better than bran
  29. It keeps me in touch with those who live in my heart
  30. Did I mention it keeps me sane?
  31. It lets me know that people care and I do matter
  32. It appeals to the exhibitionist in me - its My page and its ALL ABOUT ME...
  33. It lets me get to know and sometimes help others
  34. and vice versa
  35. It improves my typing
  36. It fills up my inbox
  37. It drives my kids nuts
  38. and my darlin'
  39. ITS FREE
  40. ...and its FUN


Elizabeth said...

Holy Mary-Anchell- them are some good reasons- i forgot about it being free - must get the other Mary's onto the 40 reasons list..........
Mary Me with a broken heart & a brave face...........

Kathleen said...

I Know!!!

Mary-Kathleen xOx

rainbowspirit said...

I agree with you!!!!

Shergar said...

I only have one reason. So that I can talk to Mary!