Tuesday, October 10, 2006

perplexing but true..

  • My children are running around the house behaving like nuts. They have discovered a site called 'the tourettes guy'......need I say more? Well, it involves a lot of random swearing, much hilarity and loud obnoxiousness. Hmmmmm.

  • My darlin' is never going to come out of the shed, I will find him one day, wrapped around a raku kiln with a glaze recipe between his teeth, covered in clay dust and resting in peace. I might go and slide some food under the door....and Goji.....

  • My eyes are crossed due to peering at very small areas of paper whilst wielding a very, very small one haired paintbrush. This is not a good look I assure you. Neither is the streak of blue paint running up one side of my mouth and down my pants leg....

  • I have eaten 12 different colours today......this can't be a good thing

  • I am now painting a Mary for the Catholic Scientist Virgin......I don't think she is expecting a blue mary......or a gold and silver angel and a crescent moon.

  • My darlin' wants me to do him a painting, trouble with that is he also wants to tell me how to paint it, what doesn't look right and should perhaps paint it himself. He's only been waiting for 4 years for this........ and that is why!

  • (just kidding oh lovely one)

  • Its very quiet in blogland......people must have lives out there

  • I need to get out of the house

  • I wish I was rich

  • I wonder if anyone will ever want to buy anything I paint?

  • I wish they'd do it soooonnnnnn

  • If only two people want to do my workshop it wont be happening

  • Im hungry again. That could be because paint isn't actually very filling!

  • or nutricious

  • or even tasty

  • Yes, I am bored and okay, I will stop now


Rylah said...

If I had the money gorgeous I would fill my house with your paintings - they're awesome, truly... :)
Please don't eat paint.

rainbowspirit said...

Me too!!
I am glad darlin' is happy although i hope you are not feeding him paint too!! Maybe its the pigments in the paint that are sending the kids psycho - lol.
And what is this two people and no workshop business??? Dont make me cry - it is going to be the high point of my year!! More people will come - you have told people about it havent you (unlike me who just invited herself)....
luv ya

Anchell said...

We will see......dont stress, one person makes a workshop

Elizabeth said...

paint & goji & vegemite

Cyndy said...

Hang in there...<3..;)

Anchell said...

Bugger vegemite...CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!

Cyndy said...

Yay, chocolate; you're my kinda girl xoxo

Anonymous said...

I dont complain,If the paintings of me,then,I just made a remark about my hair being nearly as long as it is now when I was 15. Anyway, youll do it the way u want to do it an thats ok with me, after all I have been waiting 4yrs for it, an Iam shore Itll be beautifull. LUV u MUCH my WOLF

Anonymous said...

Hallo darling,your very beautifull, and very talented an I luv your paintings, especially mine, I can hardly wait for it to be finished. Iam glad your a painter,and Iam a potter,2 mediums that are very differant,an yet so simaler,(my spelling hasen't inproved)Lets have a chat in the morning, shall we, about the painting,Iam shore we'll have a good o'll chuckle. LUV U MUCH

Elizabeth said...

i love laz