Sunday, October 01, 2006

My truth.....

I will ….

...know that when we be love then we are living our purpose!

...remember that acceptance is the key

...from this moment forward, accept whoever I am, whatever that means, in all of creation, just as I am, in humility. I accept

...remember that I am as powerful as I choose to be

...step into my journey and walk it

...come out of the tree careful of what words I use

...know that whatever I ever let go of is full of claw marks. Ask myself what I am afraid of.

...know that if something has fallen away it is meant to. I wont hold on to it

...listen to my body, it is my soul speaking

...know that if I do not feel comfortable with whats going on then I am not meant to be there that I know right from wrong

...remember that I don’t know where the truth ended and the lies began who I am and stop trying to be what everybody else wants

...stop living life from a distance, step into my journey

...pray and do!

...stop talking about it and start doing it in everynow

...remember to Breathe


A suggestion - go to this page and listen to the two Dr Meg interviews



Elizabeth said...

i think you have written a blueprint for all of us....

Franco said...

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Cyndy said...

Woman In Total Control of Herself..<3C;)

Anchell said...

A salesman in blogland! Quaint....