Monday, October 02, 2006

Jaqui's Quiz

I would be happy if….I am happy
Others make me feel unhappy when..... I let them
I feel happy when I..... am living well
I feel supported when..... Someone shows they care
The time when I have been most happy in my life was when..... now
Something I am intending to do during my lifetime..... whatever floats my boat
If I won Lotto ($1.25 million) tomorrow I would..... buy a car and a house in the trees near the water, help someone
Something I think my partner or friend would like me to do for them is..... love them for who they are
I feel worthwhile when..... more often than not
I feel I am being taken for granted when..... I let myself
I have difficulty saying no when..... I love someone
I really enjoy life when I..... am centred
A happy time in my life between the age of 4 and 12. I was..... hmmmm???? When I stayed with my nan
I would like to give up..... smoking!
A present I would like to get from someone I love is..... love.
Something I would like to say to a loved one is..... I love you
A hobby I would like to pursue is..... playing with clay
I would like to spend more time doing..... nothing!

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