Monday, October 16, 2006

really bad song

Hey ho hey ho
its off to goodguys we go
to buy 40 heaters to warm us up
they all break and the new ones stuffed
hey ho hey ho
a refund badmen do refuse
customer service is just a ruse
the evil alien blows a fuse
hey ho hey ho
angel darlin' saves the day
lots of dollars are packed away
now feral woman can hit the hay
hey ho hey ho


rainbowspirit said...

darlin' you missed your calling - and i wouldnt call it a 'really' bad song.....
maybe you should go and paint...
lotsa luv

Cyndy said...

I reckon you could 'rap' it.. boof-boof,tish, b-boof-boof,tish... yep, it's time for bed;)

Elizabeth said...

jackson browne wont record it so basically, i am not interested.......but a thought- with my art & your song we could be onto something.....or not........

Anchell said...

Glad you are back to normal marypoo