Monday, October 23, 2006


I am a lucky lucky woman.
Its darlin's birthday and HE bought ME a car....
well, half a car, I get to buy the rest. I not the most luckiest?
A good day has been had...
lunch has been gone out for
caffiene has been drank
presents have been given and recieved
love has been evident
I have a car
I have a car
I have a car
An INSURED car now.
I am very tired after all this excitement.
I baked an orange cake and it is PERFECT
I am cooking seafood marinara for darlin's dinner
We are listening to loverly flute CD what darlin' got
He is reading books about reaku kiln firing and glazes that he did get
and I have a new car
All is VERY well


Elizabeth said...

your day sounds perfect! I am so happy for you- -what a wonderful posting........

Kathleen said...

Abundance is flowing everywhere today

Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

Exuse me, It's 3 qautres? hmmmmm! of a car darlin has bought the wolfwoman, an he's feelin pretty happy about that. It's realy nice to do somthing for sombody else an to see the Incredible exitment on there face as a dream becomes a reality. Especially when u do it on your b'day.I guess It's Luv an commitment, honesty an truth, caring, an understanding of needs that will make there lives less of a burden, an mine hahahaha!

Anchell said...

As you can see, and we all saw it in writing didnt we, darlin' says three quarters so I am even happier now.
You can also see that I am a very frustrated spellchik here!!!!

Elizabeth said...

this is beautiful.....he is so happy to have done this for/with you........your happiness is smiling...

Anchell said...

So am me.
He is very ecstatic because he will soon NEVER HAVE TO TAKE ME TO WOOLIES AGAIN!!!

Cyndy said...

bugger spellcheck, spellchik..this is lurve.....<3 <3 <3