Wednesday, October 25, 2006

post cottage blogdrum.....

I would like to tell you about my day.

But Im too tired......

bugger it....I will anyway

it was long

and full

and I was present in it....

Photography this morning

photoshop plurgh

portraiture (?) this afternoon

I was too good

very hot was I

came home

hit floor running

cooked dinner

read blogs of others

ran out door to go to cottage

got there

had lovely fun making collage artsy stuff

played with glue and scissors......

delivered commissioned artwork......

and donation for girls night


saw nearly all the marys


ate chocolate and camembert.


had hair bonking by William


this was after he couldn't get anywhere with Ruby's ear!

Lilith would have loved a Will bonk this morning

but not tonight

she has a headache

and a sore tum

and no more SEX DRIVE!!!


I drove mary round the block

dont tell anyone.....

she is a good car and goes fast and stops

I am stuffed

tomorrow I am student and STAFF

need sleep

feet hurt

eyes are crossed

its been a good day




Rylah said...

Your secret's safe with me!

Anchell said...


Anchell said...

By the way

I have a new car and you know cause you SAW her....

rainbowspirit said...

Well you sound really tired and worn out after all that hair bonking and driving and collaging. Go to bed so you can get up and PAINT!!!! lol
lotsa luv

Elizabeth said...

glad you enjoyed tonight- please eat chocolate popcorn for me tomorrow & make sure Mary Romy eats something as creative is our group- wonderful !
i wont tell, but dont do it again !

Elizabeth said...

ps.......william wouldnt care if she has a headache & no sex drive- situation normal i think !

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

Congrats tons regarding your first commission!!!
You most definitely have a crush on your Mary vehicle. I bought a gourd owl for our Boo subaru station wagon. Oh!!! The elations!!!

Peace and lots of Love,


Kathleen said...

I saw Her, I saw Her!!!

Elizabeth said...

so glad you are so happy...........