Monday, October 30, 2006

oh to be shot at dawn

Oh gawd.....what a day its been. You know the sort, everybody wants a piece of you and there's just not enough bits to go round, everything you try to do doesn't happen...that type hoo.

I did have a lovely relaxing coffee and catch up with my lovely friend Nat and her bubba this morning.

That was the highlight of an otherwise plurgh type day.

  • Went to Eckersleys to buy a pencil and spent $ usual
  • went to RTA to transfer mary to me and waited in line with all appropriate, so I thunk, bits of info only to be told bill of sale was wrong and I have to go back with proper one.
  • was told that license becomes renewable on Jan 9 not 7 as I thunk......leaves me 4 days to get L's and remember how to drive, go for and PASS driving test before I have to leave on camping holiday from hell to which I must DRIVE......plurgal
  • ok, so far not too bad......went to Marketown to do groceries on the way home where peace and quiet awaited only to discover BiLo is morphing into Coles and therefore NOT OPEN.....
  • ok, thunk I, will go home to peaceful quiet house and rest for while then go to Kotara and shop.....toddle, toddle off to catch bus home.....
  • get home to find peaceful house FULL OF SCREAMING BRATS!!!!! that belong to other people who wanted to waste their day away and did it at my table and didnt stop talking and kids didnt stop screaming and my head wouldnt work and all my thoughts flew away before they reached my mouth and I just couldn't breathe anymore....gasp.....
  • so I ran out of the door and took refuge in a large and horrible shopping centre and did buy food and then came home and
  • they were still here.....
  • hmmmmmm
  • I am not a nice mary
  • I like my children, they are quiet and not 3 and 5 years old and can BE TOLD.....
  • in fact, they are SCHMICK!!!!!! (nearly forgot)

Are we there yet?


Kristy-Lee said...

Thank goodness you remembered to throw in something Schmick.

That was lucky. Although after your day you may have been excused.


Elizabeth said...

wow- how do you fit so much into a day?
what if you dont get your license in four days, then what?
its a very tight schedule.
please bring $30 pencil to group so I can photograph it...
me x

Cyndy said...

We are not there yet, but you can have an icecream for being a good Mary....And I thought my day was bad...plurgh...the RTA has the most convoluted processes imaginable, and they change from branch to branch..hang in there xoxox ;)

Anchell said...

The pencil cost 50c!

rainbowspirit said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day - i dont like to brag but ..... MY KID WENT TO CAMP FOR 5 DAYS... YAY...
sorry, couldnt help it
i will be missing her by tomorrow but today i am rejoicing.
luv jen

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

Honest to goodness, I did try to blog. Camping and I mixed well. Then again, there are no teenagers amongst us. I would more if Super Duper Sub isn't wasting away in some garage.
Beloved took an apt. renovating job, which we're now frantically trying to finish, so many cracks and holes to be filled.
I'm still way behind schedule. I'm trying to catch up on my blog readings.