Monday, May 04, 2009


I have just spent the last hour consoling and bandaging my hysterical, bleeding, sliced up child

F**ing kids

Not mine

Other peoples cruel and bitchy f**king little girls who need their heads slapped up side down
and to be made to walk in someone else's shoes for a week and see how they like it, considering they helped cause it and are now helping keep it alive

I don't know what to do....can I go beat up her mother who won't let her near my "bad influence" kid? So my kid has to miss out on stuff that she needs to be doing with her friends? This girl was in this at the beginning, used to be Shelli's best friend until she stole her boyfriend and then walked away when the shit hit Shelli's fan......who is now 'moving in' on Shelli's other friends and making them 'choose' or trying to explain to Shelli that shit like this happens and it's not the end of the world when in her 15 year old head it IS the end of the world? When Shelli gets hysterical because she needs them and now is scared stupid that they will all do what this kid did because she is 'hard work'?

I know this is 'kid stuff' but it is Shelli's reality for now. And she is the one bleeding here, inside and out, again.

Do I take MY kid out of school so SHE has to start again?

What the hell do I do here?


Renee said...

Oh Michelle ....

What to do. It is her reality and this seems to be much more than just kid stuff.

Shelli needs more help than you or any parent can give her. I hope that she is seeing psychologist. Because she will always be hurt in life, we all are, but to cut herself is not the answer, she has to find another outlet for her pain. Maybe with the help of a professional because you know and I know that she has all the love you can give her.

Sometimes all our love is not enough. Actually most times it isn't.

We want, and they want, but with outside influences and little bitches like that, there will always be an outside.

I have no idea what you can do. I just keep thinking maybe a psychologist.

Poor Shelli and poor you my friend. I know that when something happens to our kids it is like happening to us only 100 times worse.

Love you Michelle.

Renee xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

OMG Michelle! F**king little girls is right! I am SO sorry, and I understand how frightened and isolated Shelli must be feeling. Girls can be SO incredibly mean. If it were me, I would be on the phone to the other girls mother ASAP! I would also be contacting the school - they MUST have an anti-bullying policy/zero tolerance policy/be a human being policy in place! F**king girls!!!!

Michelle said...

It isn't bullying is psychological torment, and Shelli is her own worst enemy. This kid is just the catalyst really and it's easier for me to blame her I guess.

Michelle said...

And what would i say to her mother??

"Excuse me mother of bitch who learned from you...but your kid has been lying to you for years and that sweet little angel girl YOU see is actually a total fuck up who is helping fuck up my kid even more than she already is....please smack her and send her to bed with no dinner and then to another school"....argh.

Barry said...

'And what would i say to her mother??

"Excuse me mother of bitch who learned from you...but your kid has been lying to you for years and that sweet little angel girl YOU see is actually a total fuck up who is helping fuck up my kid even more than she already is....please smack her and send her to bed with no dinner and then to another school"....argh.'

Well, that would do for a start Michelle. And then you could get angry!

But seriously, my heart goes out to you. Children are so emotionally tender and other kids can be so vicious and cruel, it just makes you despair. Still, just about all of us have been through this, I remember times with my daughters that still makes me cringe; and they've gone on to be happy and well balanced adults.

Renee said...

Michelle, I believe that Shelli will get there... to a healing place. And I know she has to do it, but you are with her and therefore she will never have to do it alone. I know she has to be right with herself. But having you for her Mom will help her because more than anything you are real and you are her Mom and you love her.

I know love isn't enough, but it is something.

Love Renee xoxox

Faith said...


I wish I had true words of wisdom for you. What she is going through reminds me so much of my own teen years -- but she has you and that will make all the difference, I think.

It is definitly not "kid stuff". How we learn to treat each other when we are young often becomes how we treat others as adults. Sadly, there is a lot of cruelty out there -- and parents can at times be worse than their kids.

I wish I had advice. I do believe that the fact that you are able to support her and she can talk to you is the wonderful. Without that, she would feel so much more lost.

(((Shelli))) and (((Michelle)))
I will be thinking of both of you.

Debbie said...

I so wish I had some answers or advice for you. I will be praying it all works out somehow and soon.

Faith said...

I came back just to say I would have done anything to have a parent who would have consoled and bandaged me. I think you are an incredible mother.

Myst_72 said...

Poor darling girl.

God I remember this age and these type of problems so well.
I don't think Mum even realised what I went through.
You're doing an excellent job Michelle.

What would Shelli like to do?
Is she up to changing schools?

I think in the end they will see this girl for what she is.
The mother eventually ends up thinking the other girls are a bad influence etc and she moves on to another group - it sounds like she's blind to how her own daughter actually is.


Faith said...

(((Michelle))) Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Just know that she will make it through somehow, as hard as it is. And the fact that you love her much and are so understanding will help her a great deal. I wish I had magic words...

I have the scars and have lived with them my whole life...I had very few friends in High School and survived. None of that helps you...but I have had a very good life since then (with the normal ups and downs)

Damn -- I wish highschool girls weren't so cruel!!!

Love to both of you.

Lisa said...

shit, shit and shit again.......

Natalie said...

thinking of you both.xxoo

Chrisy said...

No answers here from me hon...girls can be so manipulative and cruel particularly if they can sense a're doing great tho...just keep loving her, crying with her, patching her up and sticking up for her...

jewell said...

cant really say much..but sending love your way

Dawn said...

Shelli will get through this. She's emotionally sensitive (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) at this time in her life and the stressor of having another girl, an old friend, turn on her isn't helping the situation obviously. It doesn't mean it's the end of the world though! It sounds as though her other friends aren't giving into this mean girl's demands of not being friends with Shelli. Maybe Shelli could spend more time with her friends outside of school without this bitchy girl there?
I also was called a bad influence once by a parent of an old friend in high school. It couldn't have been farther from the truth and just because a parent says something, it doesn't mean its true! Not even my old friend believed her mother.
I don't think changing schools for either teen is the answer. The girl will still be a bitch if she leaves and Shelli will still be dealing with self harm whether she's in that school or another one.
All you can do is be there for your daughter and possibly speak to the school if it gets really bad (however, this could make things worse).