Monday, May 04, 2009

The other end of the day....


Been driving here and there all day

Am buggered

Good news is....all my 'bits' are fine, healing etc etc....all good, clear cancerous yuks and all that stuff.....excellent

I have a bit of an ear infection and my sore teeth etc is likely due to grinding and gritting them all the time, which I have been.....I'M NOT BLOODY STRESSED AT ALL a dental appointment must be made for soon

So, I did right with the antibiotics and now have more of the many infections this past few weeks...I never get bloody sick usually

I had a lovely pumpkin soup and white chocolate raspberry donut yummo thing lunch with my befri Lisa today.......I even got a beautiful dragonfly pendant and a bonus dragonfly fridge magnet for a birthday pressie too.....sooo coool....dragonflies are MINE....especially blue ones :)

I may get one tattooed somewhere soon...

I am very yawn now and shall retire to my bed methinks, to read and snooze and stuff

Mum managed to do the orifice all day today without killing any dead food and only terrorising a couple of solicitors :)

I have not spoken to someone yet



jewell said...

good to hear all is well with your bits!!!

Lisa said...

ok.take it easy.sending love.......and i certainly dont have oriah mountain dreamer books

Dave King said...

I thought your first three lines were going to be the opening lines of a poem! I still thin they could be. They're a great start.

Butler and Bagman said...

I've missed reading your blog but the weekend was full of kids and grandkids and I've let my computer fall behind.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Yum......I'm with you on the pumpkin soup Michelle and I say.....
GO FOR THE TATTOO!! I did it a couple of years back and am glad I did. I have a small butterfly emerging from a caccoon that reminds me daily of life!!
Go for it girly :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Anonymous said...

Oh, lucky girl! I love dragon flies. You know, I always wanted to get one tattooed on me as well! In fact, I almost got one when I finished treatment! Perhaps one day soon!