Saturday, May 30, 2009

pleasing indeedy

Oh for frik's sake

I have been trying to get to a post all day!

I am so damn busy doing all the work that I have missed this week that I am here in the office 2 hours after I am supposed to be home...grrrrr...the rest of it can wait till Monday morning!

Update on yesterday is all good......was a very emotional and draining day for the little mum but we got head gear shopping done, bought some make up and stuff and chemo went well, with me telling the hurty nurse to piss off and get us someone who knewwhat they were doing....hurty nurse doesn't like me now and I don't give a rats ar....behind :)

Mum had a nice night last night, Tahni was home and well, it was just nice and funny too....and she feels GOOD today, first time in a few weeks.

So, I am happy with that....and with work done here too.

I am going out, oh my gosh, tonight to meet a sister of a mary of mine and that will be, fun....hmmmmm

I need some more fun in my life......need to laugh more too.

I am starting to definately feel like a human being again....and it is just so good.

I am pleased ......very pleased

Oh well, off home now, to no doubt clean up mess and then go somewhere nice for a change

woo hoooooo


Natalie said...

Great stuff! Enjoy your night.xx♥

Butler and Bagman said...

Fun! Yes! Have it! You deserve it. But that's a dumb thing to deserve shouldn't have to deserve should be available anyway.

Anonymous said...

nursie was doin her best i am sure

Dave King said...

As I've said on two previous posts this morning, there's a touch of the masochist in all us bloggers. Have fun!

Audrey said...

You deserve a fun night out! Have a blast! Ha ha - my post for tomorrow is all about laughter! So important, yes!
Glad your Mum is in good spirits!

Lisa said...

lovely to see you- i miss you so much xx

Daria said...

Hope you have tons of fun!