Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's a funny one!

I got a reply to my email yesterday

He said "practice what you preach"....

I may be a bit thick here

But I don't get it?

So, I sent one back and said "Own your own shit asshole" or something very similar

Charming I know


Ahhhh, life is full of such joyful moments

Here's another funny

Said ex's nephew popped around tonight and ended up staying for dinner

Such a lovely kid, he is 18, and he loves us still

I am Aunty Michelle forever it seems

And I realised that when I split up with ex.....I did walk away from his sisters kids

Who loved me

Now I must own my own shit it seems

So I did........grrrrrrrrr

Oncologist appointment today

Oh yay


I am adding a bit on here.....

When I went to rehab I was away for nearly 6 months, during this time my ex and my mum looked after my kids, my ex let our house turn into a filthy brothel that my kids had to live in, my eldest daughter had a lot of extra responsibility thrust onto her, in spite of the fact that I had let that happen anyway, in my got worse. But still I stayed in rehab because the alternative was to die. That's how sick I was. When I came home, my ex continued to drink, even though I was pretty fragile......long story short, I left my marriage and walked away from everything, including his family (heavy drinkers) and mine, except for my kids of course, they came with me. I did this because I HAD I think there may be a slight difference in reasoning here, don't you? I suppose I am justifying a bit, but those kids had their own parents.


Bogey said...

Your retort was very succinct and to the point Michelle. We all have to "own our own shit". Some folks prefer to look into other peoples closets rather than their own. They move stuff around, re-label it or move it to a higher shelf, they just forget to do the inventory. You did what you had to do and the work is paying off. Be proud of yourself. Believe me, I know your kids will be forever grateful. You are a good person Michelle, remember that! ;D

Snowbrush said...

You've got guts, kid. You've got guts. You're awfully kind too.

Strawberry Girl said...

Your right those kids have their own parents, and they are the ones responsible for how they turn out.

Sounds like one of them still thinks of you as an aunt, that's great!!

Leaving a bad situation is sometimes the only thing you can do. Takes a lot of courage, good for you!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds to me like you're the healthy one in this relationship now. The ex does need to own his own shit and not pawn it off on others.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bogey - be proud of what you did! I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to acknowledge an addiction, and then act to correct it. That takes a lot of courage, and a lot of love for both self and children. You are a rock star, Ms Michelle! Be proud!

Lisa said...

sweetheart you do not have to justify yourself or your actions to anyone, ever.
you did what you did- life goes on..........( maybe a universal indicator about the name though?)

Chrisy said...

I think you've done all the right things must have been hell to leave your kids but as you say you had no choice...and ditto the leaving of the was all for survival of yourself and your children...and as for the other kids..yes it may have been hard for them but hell you can only do so much and your priorities had to be with your own...and re the ex's email I wouldn't even bother're conversing with an irrational person and that's always futile...

jewell said...

i don't really have anything to say...expect...well are doing great xxx

Butler and Bagman said...

Kudos for staying in rehab! They don't work for everyone but it warms my heart when they do. Yea, you.

Lisa said...

smmmmmmmmooooooooooccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you sexy thing !!

Renee said...

Michelle you are not justifying anything here. Not at all.

You actually did the right thing by going into rehab. Had you not, where would they be now.

You have to save yourself (always) so that you can save them too.

I feel that you may think going into rehab was a form of desertion. On the contrary it was a mature act that had to be done.

And you know what good for you Michelle.

p.s. I did laugh when you said 'charming I know.'


Dawn said...

Going to rehab was the best thing you could have done. I am the product of my mother not going to rehab (or rather, going to detox and rehab but never staying long and only going when she literally had no other choice but gaol) and never recovering. I would give anything to have my mother gone for 6 months and to come back a recovering addict. Then I would actually have a mother.
Again, you did the right thing. And your kids know that and they will understand. Imagine how much damage would have been done if you didn't go?
You did the right thing.