Wednesday, May 27, 2009

deep and meaningful

No, I don't know....I stole it from somewhere though :)

Every one seems to be a little deep and meaningful lately

Must be something in the air?

Me, I am feeling....well deep and meaningful

but also rather emotionally yoyo-ish and really quite exhausted

I haven't slept well this week


oh well....

So, yeah, while I would like to post something thought provoking

or cheeky and rude

I can't actually think straight :)

I just wanted to say hello

smoooooch to you all


Jen said...

smoooooooch to you too

i dropped the frikken painting to the cottage last night, along with a copy of the book of secrets. If i dont make it on sat nite, then they are in the healing room.


Anonymous said...


Red Mother

PS. I am signing out as Red Mother because google keeps signing me out as "Averys Diseases of the Newborn" which is just a book that I downloaded an article out of....


Kerry said...

hmmm...Do i know you well enough to smooch??? lol, too bad....

SMOOOCH back at ya :-)

sometimes its just too hard to think, and come up with witty, cheeky, funny, deep or anything else, so yep. At these times, Hello works just great.


Lisa said...

i painted that fricken flower !!! who said you could use it ??????????
you can of course but i just wanted to be a bitch xx

Barry said...

I know what you mean Michelle, but today is a whole new day.

And since it started out with a smooch, it can't be all bad.

Anonymous said...

Hello and smooches right back at ya!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hello to you too! Thanks for the smooches! Right backatcha!!

Cyndy said...

Luvverly gerbera.

Very cheerful.

It says it all.

You were able to be deep & meaningful without really trying.

*smooch* right back at you!


Natalie said...

Smooch to you too!xx♥