Thursday, May 07, 2009


I had to share this ad pic from facebook

Hellooooo, she seems to be missing something here

If I had no bum crack there is no way I'd be wearing these little beauties to show off my lack of bum cleavage.....

Oh deary

Mum is feeling better today, thank goodness

I am feeling okay

The sun is shining again yay

Shelli see's the new lady this afternoon


I am single!

Too weird


Yesterdays discussions did not come as a suprise, no blame was thrown, no anger, it was sad but okay

reasons, seasons, lifetimes

one of those things


Kristy said...

You are single?

Which new lady?

No bum crack?

I need to catch up on your blog!!!

Natalie said...

Yay to mum and Shelli. Weird is right, this too shall pass.

How was your decision received?

Lisa said...

single ankle- woo hoo
watch out world xx

Bee said...

thanks for pressy michele loved it heaps.xxxxxxx

linda said...

dear michelle, so glad your mum is better and am wondering why you are sad but will have to read you blog to get your history....anyway, just popped over, figuratively ;) to say hello and give you a hug...a big one..


Daria said...

Sounds like everything is working out ... good for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear about your Mum! And happy to hear that you are...ok (?)
Prayers for Shelli.

Jen said...

I am glad that everything has worked out ok for you.

Do you feel lighter?? thats how I imagine it would feel.

I think it is time for a coffee with me. Yes??


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..I have missed that bit have said goodbye to your relationship? Is that right?
It was inevitable, was it.....what a shame..I am sorry that it could not have worked out at this stage...but I guess you never know what is around the corner...I think you have paid off your karma debt and can alight from the karma train at the next station..w.w.

Kerry said...

Nice to hear that you mum is feeling better.

The bum crack thing freaks me out.

Hope things went great with the new lady.

The bum crack thing REALLY freaks me out.

Renee said...

This is his loss Michelle. I have no doubt of that.