Tuesday, May 26, 2009

thank god that's over....


I have had an hilariously funny day


Mostly it involved me doing silly things

like taking some people to inspect a house and locking my keys in the car...


...with my wallet, which has the spare key in it, as I do lock my keys in the car quite regularly :)

and the office keys!

There was I

Stuck in the street with a set of house keys for an empty house and luckily, a mobile phone!

Little bro promptly rode his trusty steed down and picked me up.....


Then I got a phone call from Kayla because there was this over the bathroom door

She has a bit of a phobia and so mummythehero had to go home to remove large hairy beast

So she could get into the bathroom.....

In between this I was tearing my hair out trying to burn some CD's....stupid windows media player.....grrrrr

....and taking and making phone calls

Fixing the stupid photocopier which involved ripping it to bits to get to the piece of paper jammed in it.........twice

Smiling at idiots who came in to get rental lists, whilst thinking "ha ha as if bucko!"

Picking up little bald mother, with turban and nausea......(she won't stay home when the cleaning lady comes :)

So she could sit in the orifice and read whilst I scooted home to scrub cupboards and vacuum 12 small dogs off the floor and pretend my house is clean, ready for my inspection tomorrow

Going to the supermarket for dinner supplies...lucky mum had money as my wallet was still locked in my car....

So, running on about 4 hours sleep each for the last 4 nights I am a bit ....well...you know

Starting to resemble witchypoo here ......

However.....I now have my car keys, if not my car....

I have been and fed the hoards at mum's

I am now sitting with a cup of tea

Contemplating my navel and how ridiculous it all is


A highlight of the day was the most spectacular sunset!

The sky was almost aqua with burning orange and pink clouds with golden sunshine glowing just underneath.....one cloud was shaped like a giant man flying through the sky......magic... and it stretched on forever

I didn't have my camera unfortunately but wow

So beautiful, it took my breath away

And then the day was good and I remembered

It's all in the small stuff :)

Hope there are some orange clouds for you today people


Natalie said...

I saw them! Didn't have my bloody camera of course.
I am forever doing things like that because of lack of sleep. Comes with the territory I think. Groan.xx♥

J said...

thanks SOOOOOO much, Michelle. you're so sweet for posting that picture.

and not warning anyone.

*tries to think up appropriate revenge*

Renee said...

Michelle how do you do it all?

I get exhausted just sitting down all day, I can't imagine.

I want an orange beautiful sky today.

Love Renee xooxo

Audrey said...

Hmmm...your ending reminded me of the saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff!" Still and all...frustrating, no doubt.
I have left a wonderful little gift for you over at my place.

Cyndy said...

You're right: the small stuff is the most important. If only we could link it together to make a beautiful chain.... <3

Dave King said...

Great post. Thanks.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's good that the day ended so well. Hopefully, you got a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed for a new, and better, day!

Daria said...

Yiks your friend looks pretty big ...

Bogey said...

It appears as though you got through the dark cloud over your head and found the sunshine! Good for you Michelle. Now what gauge shot gun did you need to remove that critter?

Strawberry Girl said...

Wow, sounds like a crazy sort of day!!

I love cloud displays like that! Today the fluffy billowing clouds looked like strong arms surrounding the mountains. ;p

Wendy said...

Swings and roundabouts.

Glad you got to appreciate the sunset and to share your spirit here ♥