Friday, May 08, 2009

Well, there you go...

Here is what I know in my heart

I am to be alone, for a while

I need to do my mum and my kids for a while, first and foremost

That is fine

My past history with men has been to move from one to another with not much, if any, time in between....

That was when I thought I NEEDED one to be me

I don't think that anymore and I guess I am now going to prove it to myself

When the time is right someone will come along and he will be the one I need/want for the next part of this damn journey of life, and it wont be hard, it will be very very easy...

I tell you this universe:

I will have financial security and a touch of wildness and also poetry in my life

I will have someone who is good to and for my kids

I will have someone who 'floats my boat' and cares about ME, just because...

I will have someone who does good back tickle and isn't stingey with it :)

(Very important that one)

The rest is negotiable.......

I do wonder how long a 'while' is though :)


Lisa said...

you forgot that you will have someone who loves Lisa totally xx

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Darling girl........I was alone for quite a few years before I met my Prince. And do you know what? That is when I learned that I truly liked myself just the way I am. Of course there are things (very minor I'm sure, lol) that I could change about me but overall, when I was alone.....I learned to love myself and to practice the art of extreme self care!!
Your Prince will come along lovely girl..........just when you least expect it as mine did.
And I truly love the part about having a little wildness. All women shoul :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Natalie said...

How long is a piece of string? The man I see, is a big man, either in stature or heart or both. He is in the shadows for now, but will come forth when the time is right. He may be a friend first, be open to possibilities. A friend would be wonderful for a while too. Yes?

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

That's the spirit!!
You are SO right in making the CHOICE to be on your own for awhile. I've done this and it was the best thing ever!

I discovered who I am, what I like and what makes ME happy after years of worrying what a man thought I should be and trying to accommodate. It's not real. It's a gift you give yourself when you take this time to discover who you are and what truly makes your life complete.

It may take awhile and it may not. Don't worry about it. Dive into new and creative things that YOU are meant to experience and the rest will come.

Many blessings to you!

Michelle said...


Big huh?


Lisa, that was a GIVEN....bosh!

Anonymous said...

I love your plan! And, because you have thrown it out into the universe, it will be yours! I just know it!

Faith said...

You deserve the very best!

Sarah Lulu said...

Your dreams and wishes will come true in God's time.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking this post.....
I wish for you this and more my sweet.
It takes me back to my "in between husbands period"....a good man is a God send indeed...I have one and nearly lost the bastard.w.w.

jewell said...

yes i wish you the best to as you truly deserve all that and more

Butler and Bagman said...

Thinking you need someone to make you whole happens to men too. The ironic thing is that its usually not until you discover you are whole all by yourself, that someone shows up and makes you wholer...wholer?...And I can't remember who it was that said: "Wild women don't get the blues." Probably goes for men too. I don't think men and women are all that different. But Bagman says, "Ah! But what a difference!"

Jen said...

Michelle, I think this post is very very powerful and honest and positive.

I dont think you should compromise, I dont think any of us should actually... but well..

You know what your priorites are and have enough to keep you occupied for a while anyway. You have been on your own for a while now really, havent you.

Keep on moving forward my friend.

I am thinking of you


Bogey said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm sorry I haven't stopped by here before now. I just assumed by your comment on 'Colour My World' about taking care of your mother that you were not posting. My mistake. Your blog here is refreshingly honest and I like the way you tell it like it is. I took the time to read a lot of what you have here and see a very strong and independent woman. But, one who is not so sure of herself to not ask her friends for guidance. A very good approach to life. I'm sure your tenacity will get you your wish list one thing at a time. I truly hope that your Mother improves and that she recognizes the effort you are putting in to take care of her. Take care for now.

JuneMoonToon said...

Good luck with everything. For sure, wait for the right one, at the right time. Too many people stuck in unhappy relationships.

Linda S. Socha said...

Powerfully beautiful and a positive intention if every I have heard one. YOu GO!

Renee said...

Michelle something I always told my kids 'you choose, don't get chosen, you choose.'

There is no rush.

I am just looking at your pictures dreaming 1 and 2, holy crow. Some of the best art I have ever seen.

Love Renee xoxo