Friday, May 08, 2009

Mixed blessings

Darla has bestowed upon me a beautiful award for being "alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring".

Thank you Darla!

I would like to pass it on to the following people in blogland because they inspire me in one way or be a better me and to look for hope and beauty in a sometimes, well okay a lot of times, mad and ugly world







My morning has been fun so far :)

A flat battery in my car due to me leaving my lights on all night

Me trying to jump start it down my steep driveway using the KEY...what a knobhead.....

Me getting stuck halfway down my driveway in a panic because I remembered I was supposed to be using the damn clutch far too late

Me ringing little brother and him riding to my rescue with his trusty charger...he hee


So, here I am, it is raining and cold today :(

I have things on my mind regarding relationships and what I want from one

I know what I don't want so that is a start

Wondering how I will get one? Do I want one?

Lemon Tree Backpassage is not full of eligable men of the variety I like


How does one do this?

Not that I have any time of course

Do I just carry on and trust that something will happen, sometime and all will be well?



Renee said...

Kisses xxxxxx

When you want a relationship, you will get it.

Love Renee xoxo

Lisa said...

when the time is right
it will be right
for Mr right
to make it right

right ?

Lisa said...

why not enjoy being with you first........have a relationship with yourself for a while- you be your lover fr a while- its an eyeopener and obviously what the universe wants from you right now xx

Strawberry Girl said...

The image of you and the car is amusing... but I know it was distressing. :( Thank goodness for white knights, brothers and others. Hope your other white knight comes along soon. Plus, thank you so much for the beautiful award!!

Natalie said...

You have no time for a relationship right now Michelle! Firstly, you need to concentrate on what is in front of you.
The man is already there in the wings.
You are not ready.xx♥

Anonymous said...


Ok...enough yelling for joy!

Michelle, I wish for you to find the perfect companion - and it will happen. You are too sweet and kind for it not to! I am sending a prayer out into the universe for you!

Michelle said...

Yes. I think so too. Still the odd thought will pop up!

And it wont hurt to be a little specific with the universe now will it :)


Snowbrush said...

Congratulations on your award.

Hooray for little brother.

"How does one do this?"

Meet people who are involved in the kinds of things that you love? Oh, yeah, and try not to feel desperate....I guess you already thought of all that though.

Thank you, MIchelle, for coming round.

Sarah Lulu said...

Is it raining there? Send it up here we need it badly ...

And it's very important (I believe) to focus on what we want ...never focus on what you don't want ..

And then let go ....

Have you seen the movie (it's on DVD) .. Under The Tuscan Sun?

I watch that when I forget.

love.... xx

Daria said...


Thank you for thinking of me for the award. I've decided not to post these awards but just have my blog focus around cancer.

Once again, I really really appreciate you thinking of me.