Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ding dong....come in.....soups on

Chicken soup :)

Front yard

Downstairs resting spot....little used :(

Gladys at home in the laundry
so immodest

Works STILL in progress

Downstairs is my lair...'scuse the mess

A copper music box I found in a junk shop

A rock and a buck eye from Kat!

My end of the table.....see me blogging!

Someone should have told me about fertility buddha's BEFORE I had four kids!

Recognise the book J?


More treasures

Funny mask guy

I made these as small as I could, if it interferes with your pages loading tell me and I will delete the post :)

Just sharing my space a little.....

Were I not renting I would not have this colour scheme! carpet and cream walls are just not me!


Myst_72 said...


Where to start :)

The soup looks yummy...

Your garden is a bit similar to mine with the rocks...

I LOVE your resting should use it :)

Gladys looks like she enjoys getting 'legless' in the laundry!

What a great space for you to paint!

What mess?

That's gorgeous, how unusual for a music box

Looks like my table too! Laptop at the end...

You certainly have some interesting bits and pieces :)


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Soup is so comforting and wonderful.

Sarah Lulu said...

That music box is are all your photos, you have such a warm creative spirit.

jewell said...

i really love the copper music's very cool

Wendy said...

Very cool pad, thanks for sharing ☺

Jen said...

all just beautiful, Gladys however.... a little heavy handed on the mascara there, ahem. lol


Faith said...

Wow!:) Thank you for inviting us in. What warmth and comfort in your house. And so tidy!! I love the garden:)

Daria said...

Your space is lovely ... and so neat and clean.

Cynthia said...

Love the photos, Michelle! Your home is so comfortable and spiced with lovely art objects...may you always find yourself surrounded in beauty that reflect your own spirit of love and light-even in these 'not your favorite blue and cream colors'! <3

Anonymous said...

That was a great tour of your home! Thanks for sharing that! I love anything purple, so your downstairs lounge room was very appealing! I could see myself curled up in there with a lovely book and a big cup of coffee!