Saturday, May 16, 2009


On the surface of you

Was all I ever wanted

Wild and free

With a touch of the holy

You said you knew your own mind

But the wild was imagined and freedom a joke

Images of the past forever

Keeping you trapped in your illusions

Of the life that drove you there

And all I ever wanted

Was a lie

Shiny surfaces

Seeing only yourself

Looking out at you



Natalie said...

Lovely words, but sad and bitter too.
There will probably be quite a lot of reflecting going on, and it is just the thing to learn and grow towards a more enriching future.

Hope you are o.k.Sending a cuddle.


Michelle said...

I'm fine Nat. Just getting it out in a hopefully poetic kind of way. A little bitter yes, but also grateful for many to get past the bitter to get to the sweet :)


Bogey said...

Hi Michelle,

It feels like I'm in a bit of a Twilight Zone. I just came back from a walk thru the cemetary, music controlling my thoughts to a point I guess. Then I sat down and wrote some lines out from what I was thinking. I was thinking of calling it Reflections but it appears you beat me to the title. I will post it but leave it untitled. Maybe you can think of one for me. Your poems remind me of many things I have written in the past and have revisited since last week end. I agree with you 100%, you have to spit out the bitter to get to the sweet. I hope you find some soon! Sending you out some cyber hugs.

Lisa said...

beautiful- true poetry- authentic and real- sad beauty- but wow, how you have grown, i am as always, in awe of you dear maryme xx

Renee said...

Oh Michelle. Good to be putting things out there in your artistic soul.


Chrisy said...

Oh honey I can so relate to these words "But the wild was imagined, and the freedom a joke"!

Barry said...


This poem cuts and stops me in my tracks.

Sends me running for my own reality check. Beautiful but painful, Michelle.

Audrey said...

Michelle, that was beautiful! I am so happy to see you using poetry as a venue for healing. You write with so much intenstiy - I love it!