Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Bit About Kayla

I have been harrassed by my daughter Kayla

She claims I blog too much about Shelli and not enough about her :)

She is my middle daughter, 17 years old and a naughty girl!

Kayla has always been my 'easy' kid, just lately she has decided she is sick of that and started demanding some attention.

She sneaks in to my facebook page and writes inappropriate Status updates for me.

She has 3 pet mannequins now, Gladys, who is now blue, and Madge and Flossie. I don't know why but several shop owners have donated them to Kayla and it is a little disconcerting to come home and see them all waving out of Kayla's bedroom window at me, well they would be if they all had arms, and Madge does have a little issue with her neck seeings as there is no head on it......but I haven't found them on my toilet in the dark though so I am pleased about that.

She also has a cat called Poor Crazy Lilith who is, well, a bit nuts :) We find her in the linen cupboard quite a lot....grrrr

Kayla is a very funny kid.

She has, as John (who made the top pic BTW) says, perfected the lost art of silliness. She is currently obsessed with swans and armoires and ebay is copping a flogging.

My Kayla is a special girl and I love her lots. She makes my life brighter.

What more can a mother ask for?

Flowers!! Yes, flowers....are you reading this child of mine????????

She did bring me this rose for Mothers day and a giant slice of carrot cake too........:)


As for the rest of the day today

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and thoughts in the past few days......

I have now got very red hair.....hopefully some of that will wash out soon

I am having....shhhhhh......a day off tomorrow.......

I am very tired, what is it about sitting in hairdressers for 3 hours with foils all over your head looking mighty attractive that makes one irritable and feisty??

Ah well.....

Tomorrow I paint!


Cyndy said...

Silliness is indeed a lost art.

There should be more of it <3

Thank whomever for lovely daughters xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Tall Red Head said...

I will never for the life of me understand why people want red hair. Why???

Glad to hear things are picking up and going a little smoother for you. A day off...I demanded one today, And I got it. Might have been me telling a rude customer to fuck off last night and go bright red in the face and storm into the office and throwing some stuff on the floor. In front of the boss. Or not. Maybe I just deserved one.

Audrey said...

Kayla sounds positively wonderful and charming - I think that I would like her. I also am the middle child, so I feel your pain Kayla, and I appreciate your need to be mischievious! I can tell that your Mum loves you a lot!

Blue really is Gladys' color, isn't it!

Sarah Lulu said...

I hope you knock 'em dead with your gorgeous new hair colour.

AND please tell your daughter she's cute and I like the manequins.

psssttttttt enjoy your day off.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She is darling and I just love it that she has mannequins in her room and has given them names. Very creative!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a wonderful post! Kayla sounds amazing and love her friends!

Bogey said...

3 hours sitting in a salon would be enough to drive anybody around the bend. If the guy that cuts my hair takes any longer than 15 minutes we have issues. Red heads are awesome. Absolutely no bias there.

Middle children are generally more quiet but sensitive. (I have experience being the middle child.)Not sure what to make of the mannequins.

Enjoy your day off!!!!

Cyndy said...

I think that Madge has abs to die for, even though she is somewhat challenged in the cranium department. At least no-one'e ever going to tell she has the head like the northern end of a south-bound camel......

They tend to be somewhat taciturn in expression, though, don't you think?

And I love redheads. SO much in fact, that I married one.



Wendy said...

Hello to Kayla, nice to hear so many interesting things about her.

Hope you're enjoying your day off, Michelle ♥

Lisa said...

i love Kayla- she is frikken hysterical

Debbie said...

She sounds divine. Like just the breath of fresh air we all need.

Renee said...

I think Ksyla looks beautiful (look at the picture) and interesting (look at the mannequins)and sounds so sweet (look at the flower).

I am very glad to get to know her better.

Hi Kayla.

Love Renee xoxo

Strawberry Girl said...

Lovely, I have two cousins with red hair and they proclaim that it is the best and the rest of us are lacking somehow. ;p

Your daughter sounds so fun!! :D

My sister is a bit the same way, she is collecting wigs, has a foam head with a blonde one and just bought a lovely blue wig!! (Though I haven't actually seen it yet, so I guess I shouldn't be calling it lovely until then...) :D