Saturday, May 02, 2009

Quiet round here....

Am home alone!

It's night time and very very quiet

Kayla is at work (she got a job at the cafe of the huge sandwiches)

Shelli is out

The dog is asleep

All I can hear is the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard!

Too weird

One would think that when one has had a partner for over 6 years ( in fact LIVED with that partner for 5 of them) that one's partner would be with one on a Saturday night wouldn't one.

Or even be with one for more than one night a week. Ones idea of commitment in ones mind here is that couples stick together through thick and thin yes?

Not one goes off and has a whole different life when the shit hits the fan for the other one??

Am I off the track here???

Being unreasonable when after a year of this ever decreasing time spent, I am at the point where I don't want or need it anymore??

I think not.

This one is getting the sack!

Now I just have to figure out that being alone is okay, hell, I already am!



Daria said...

It sure sounds like it is over ... and has been for a while.

Natalie said...

Sadly, you are not off track. I wish it were different, but it seems you are actually alone more than you realise, and more than I would hope for in a PARTNERSHIP. Maybe the label of 'alone' is worse than the reality. That is what I found anyway, once I made friends with alone - I wasn't any more!
Not even on the toilet. Ah! the cruel irony. God certainly has asense of hmour, yes?

We love you.xx♥

Sarah Lulu said...

Sounds to me like you know the answers ...and that you are already alone and doing pretty well....all things considered.

Proud to know you.

Anonymous said...

yep he needs the sack

Faith said...

Seems like you are strong enough to be alone. And you deserve much more than what you describe!! Funny how when the shit hits the fan, you find out so much about the people you thought you were close too :(

You are never alone here in bloggerworld:)

Michelle said...

Right now I'm never alone:)

This will change one day, but I can't/wont go back......



Anonymous said...

The others are right - you are not alone here. Michelle, we have never met in person but I know that you are so kind and loving - you deserve to have someone who can give back to you all that you give. And if it takes a bit of time to find that right guy, that's all right. You can be kind and loving to you until the right one comes along - someone who truly deserves you!