Saturday, May 09, 2009


i have no idea where this pic came from sorry

very exciting day at the orifice today

we had an auction

not one registered buyer turned up!

as expected and was told to the vendor

who has now spent $1300 for nothing

oh well, people think they know everything

and they don't


otherwise, had a lovely yummo lunch with my mum

sat in the sun and ate divine crepes and drank coffee

until her nose started to bleed and a giant clot was blown out


but it WAS gross

so back to the orifice

call to the hospital

these things happen apparently

to do with low blood counts from chemo

was nice anyway


not the clot!


poor mama :)

now i am having peace and quiet for approximately another 30 minutes

then the girls come home

i am not washing!

have a nice saturday people

and stay away from the caps key

it is a waste of quiet time

trust me


Linda S. Socha said...

Sorry. This is so tough. My sister had her 30's. Your mom is blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love crepes! Sounds like such a good lunch. The clot...mmm...not nice! And yes, it does happen.
Oooops...forgot about the caps key!
Have a lovely Saturday as well lovely lady.

Sarah Lulu said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the crepes and i'm going with you in this moment on no caps too .... sarah lulu xxx

Anonymous said...

Blessed mothers' day to you and your mum.w.w

Lisa said...

enjoy mothers day baby xx

Renee said...

You are bad. So bad that you are incredibly good.

Your poor Mom. Everything is scary isn't it?

Love to you.


Cynthia said...

What a wonderful attitude you have! May all be well...<3

Daria said...

It is nice your mom and you could get out for a nice meal. Hopefully she is feeling better.

Bogey said...

shhhh! be vewwwwy quiet. what a waste of money! somebody wasn't paying attention to some good advice.

it's nice that you get to spend time with your mum...albeit with a fair amount of stress attached. haven't had a decent crepe since i left montréal. mmmmm crepes.

have a happy Mother's day. sorry about the cap on the 'm'. just trying to be respectful.