Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long story short in point form

  • Go see oncologist ..........blah blah blah
  • Get phone call from coordinater lady 5 minutes after we left, she still has not told doctor we have sacked her, thought she was being a bit nice......told Tracy( coordinater, henceforth known as Tracy) that that was her job
  • Go get blood test in preparation for tomorrows chemo
  • Go back to office and deal with ex L who has come to do things in my garage and thinks I have an hour and a half spare to talk about nothing
  • Also deal with 45 other things that need dealing with in the orifice
  • Get phone call from Tracy saying that a) Dr Henceforthknownasasshole has agreed to LET mum see another doctor but she REFUSES to write the referral! WTF???
    and b) that mums nutrifills (infectionfightingwhitebloodcells) are almost non existent and that she wont be having chemo tomorrow and that we have to watch her like a hawk and at the first sign of an infection/temperature get her to the hospital pronto as an infection may well kill her.......
  • So, have organised to go to GP to get referral written for head honcho guy that has been mentioned here previously, the one that is Tahnis friends father.......and mum will not be leaving the building until she has a bloodtest first thing Monday morning to see if her whatsi's are up or down....down will mean a transfusion or something I guess.
  • Shelli took it upon herself to write an email to ex hub today and let him have it with both which he has replied and hopefully some sort of progress will be made. A big step really as she is finally getting it out
  • Had counseling with Shelli again tonight....I think this lady is dragging things up from her toes, things that need to get out, so good
  • Shelli found out she didnt win a competiton she was hoping for and tears have been shed, I think a build up of ex and that sent her little self into leak out......positive I hope, better out than in? I am thinking I am in for a wild ride here for a little while.....hmmmm
Am now home, it is late, sister has arrived so this is good, she will make sure mum takes her damn temperature and some good things to build her blood up......any suggestions on that appreciated too please.

I think I may go to bed now......arghhhhhhhhhhhhh


Renee said...

Michelle for blood buildup. I don't really know except the iron. I also take potassium but it has to be prescribed and dependent on the blood. There are a million factors in the blood so they always check every one.


My blood has always been horrible and I had 18 transfusions over a 12 month period. So if that is what she needs to do, it is totally alright and you don't get sick from it.

I am so happy about Shelli (maybe wrong choice of words but you know what I mean). Good for her getting a few things out.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Faith said...

So glad your sister is there to help! Sorry about your mom. You have so much to cope with.

Sound like the counseling with Shelli is going so well. That is wonderful! I am sure it will be hard...but at least you are in on the wild ride with her.

As for your last post...I just think you are amazing...The "practice what you preach" comment is a load of hog wash!

love to you

Audrey said...

Oh Michelle, chemo is crazy! I ended up in E.R. because of a spiked fever. The triage doctor kindly shouted at me, "YOU AND I BOTH KNOW YOU ARE VERY SICK AND YOU COULD DIE IN HERE!" I was polite and told him that dying was not on my "to do" list for the day! But it is scary - I am surpriesed they haven't already arranged for a blood transfusion for your Mum.

The doctor referral thing seems to be universal. I am always hearing patients say that their oncologist refuses to transfer their charts to another province/country/where ever! Not sure why they are so possessive! But keep pushing - you and your Mum are entitled to the best health care!

Sounds like Shelli is making progress indeed! I am glad.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I will NEVER understand how people in the medical field can even think of making life more difficult for a family struggling with illness. What is wrong with them????????

I'm sorry for all these troubles you're having to deal with Michelle. You are so strong, I can see that in your postings. You amaze me♥ You inspire me♥

Hang in there!

Daria said...

I've never figured out how to build up white bloods cells ... I think it is based on time.

I have to remind myself how important it is to check temperature ... I keep forgetting to do it myself.

Bogey said...

Okay, let's do this backwards.

Hand over responsibilities for your Mum over to your sister for a couple of days and relax. Try and make sure your Mum is still eating proper healthy stuff to keep her energy up. There will be more than one competition in your daughters lifetime. Definitely better out than in. Counselling is always better at a young age...less crap to deal with. Reload both's not over. Blood test is important. (No heart for wise cracks here.)Report actions of DrHenceforthknownasasshole. Overstepping her boundries. Burn orifice down. Send invoice to ex L for wasting your time. Blood work probably done though important none the less. Tracy should find a new job if she can't do the one she has now. Oncologist is important.

Go back to bed and let sister deal with stuff now. Good nigt!

Lisa said...

this all sounds friggin awful
are you up to me or not today
either way is fine......

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you all are able to get to see the doctor of your choice with no hassles. Health care, here or there, always just baffles me most of the time. Generally, it's good. But when it's bad - well, it just really stinks!

Lisa said...

on mah way

Dawn said...

That DR is an ARSE. They should always write referrals. Although I've had a few Dr's who also prefer to get the GP to do it just to keep the GP in the loop (although I don't think that's what is going on here).
Definitely good that Shelli is crying! It means she's not cutting. It's when the crying gets out of hand and all she does is cry that it's not so good. Although crying is better than cutting.

Butler and Bagman said...

You have SO much going on in your life. Wish I could take you to lunch and make you laugh.