Tuesday, May 05, 2009


A funny thing happened today

I had just gotten off the phone to Shelli's ex counsellor, we had been talking about how she couldn't get in to see a new one till the END OF JUNE.......and about looking in the private sector

Bit depressing when there are 4000 of them and I have no money to speak of

When I look up from the phone, there right in front of me is a lady, who has offered mum counselling before, who is a counsellor....who has now, after me asking her advice, offered to see Shelli.....for FREE

She is an older woman and lives in the next street to me......5 minutes walk away

Do you think a bit of divine intervention may have come into play here?

I don't know if it will work for Shelli but hey, I can take a universal hint when it smacks me in the face!


angela said...

you sound like me, its never the tap on the shoulder I notice its the smack in the face with a piece of two by four that gets my attention.

jewell said...

yes it does sound like it..take all you can get

Natalie said...


Cyndy said...

Sometimes we all need a smack in the face.. the trick is to act on it, not react, and you are certainly are a smart woman!

An independent 3rd party: this could be just the person that Shelli needs ;0)

Kerry said...

Wow Michelle, have just been reading back on your blog. Wishing only the best for you and your family.

Sometimes the right things just happen at the right time, and am glad to hear your taking the offering of some help.

Take care,


Lisa said...

blessed be xx

Natalie said...

From where I am from, it is called a mallet to the head. :D

Good job the angels are on the job. I've always had a soft spot for angels.....xx♥

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, that is awesome. I hope that Shelli and this woman can form a connection and Shelli can get the help she needs. YEAH!

Faith said...

This is such good news:)

Renee said...

Divine intervention is what I am going on.

I was just thinking that here in cancer care they have psychosocial counsellors that work with all family members for free if people have cancer.

Might be an option for Shelli.

Thank God.