Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Extra stuff and stamping my foot.....

I am adding an extra next day award give away today

I am also awarding my Lisa my coveted Renee Award

You want to know why?

Because I love her and she somehow manages to help me keep my feet on the ground and my heart flying simultaneously......

That's why :)

She doesn't normally 'do' awards but I want her to have this one!

You hear me woman?

I am stamping my foot!

And, just in case you're interested, this is me, yesterday, with giant bags under my eyes from lack of sleep :)


A note to Jac.....I am sorry about the spider, really truly sorry....I will admit to having a giggle when I posted it, just in case you saw it, in fact I almost dedicated it to you.....(evil chuckle)

And, my Kayla wishes me to add this link to a you-tube doovything her and Shelli have made of them teaching the dog to howl......yes, I did say teaching the dog to howl......there has been an awful lot of howling going on at my place recently ......god knows what the neighbours think :D

So, have a lovely day my friends and I am wishing for you whatever it is that your heart desires the most.....your heart people, not your head.

There is a difference.......your heart is where the joy lies, your head just gives you a headache.

Trust me...I know!


Strawberry Girl said...

Michelle, this is such a fantastic post!! So uplifting and I agree that Lisa completely deserves this award. :D

Daria said...

Howling dog video is great ....

Lisa said...

thank you for the award- i am so surprised ( ha)
imaging you posting a photo of yourself, well i never...........but it is a great shot, moody, mysterious, misunderstood, manic, Michelle
see you tomorrow for lunch and dont forget SATURDAY- you are expected !!!

Lisa said...

and the u tube video is fricken hilarious !

J said...

hmmm, such a heartfelt apology... i might have to forgive you...


*hugs whilst checking the walls behind you*

just don't expect me to scroll down your blog page! ;)

congrats on another award too. you deserve it.

i'll check out the video later... sounds like fun.

The Tall Red Head said...

You are hot!!! I wish my hair would be nice like that :( I keep getting dreads in mine. Horrible stuff it is.

Diane said...

HA! You totally made me snort with your comment on my blog! Thanks for that!!! xo

Audrey said...

Ha ha I love the video, especially when the dog walks down the steps a bit as though to say, "I want no part of this nonsense!"
Very funny!

Bogey said...

Get some sleep....pleeease! Your lil doggie is funny though!

Sarah said...

Oh Michelle - thank you for giving it to her - she posted on mine that she wanted one and I was gonna send one - so very glad you did - you are so dear to her - thank you!!!
BTW love the picture!! Hugs, Sarah

Slyde said...

great post! and dont knock your picture.. i think you look great!

Renee said...

Michelle, so many things.

You are really beautiful. Gorgeous in fact.

I want to see the girls. Please tell them it was so funny. Nathan came upstairs and asked what the hell I was listening too.

Love you. Renee xoxoxo